Choosing the relevant keywords for your Business

Keywords act as a base for Search Engine Optimization as it is through keywords a website’s visibility is determined on Search Engines. Since keywords play an important role in SEO, selection of right keywords that match the thought process of a user online is also equally important. To find the right set of keywords, several tools are available online which provide a detailed report on how a keyword is performing and are competitors using the same keyword that gives businesses an idea on which keywords they should target. Moreover, keywords can be classified in various categories based on the product or service and thus the tools available online as well as the categories of keywords must be known not only by SEO experts but also businesses when they hire SEO Services in Mumbai.

The basic fundamental of Search Engine Optimization is to increase visibility of a website by targeting the frequently used keywords on Search Engines for particular products or services. SEO experts identify the probable search terms users may have in mind and determine certain keywords that may or may not be applicable to the business which in turn can harm the online visibility of a website.

Selecting the right keyword forms a base for SEO and therefore to determine the right set of keywords can be a challenging task for many business owners as well as many SEO companies in Mumbai, India and other regions in the subcontinent. A keyword acts as a link between the user and the website which helps in discovering the required business online to generate a sales prospect. Using the right keywords makes it easier for the user to locate the business and there are several tools available that can provide a helping hand in the keyword research process. Further we discuss few of these tools.

Google keyword planner

Google keyword planner is an effective tool to find keywords that are similar to the business profile. When a search query is typed, long tail keywords are provided that give several options to business owners to select an appropriate keyword. Google keyword planner gives a holistic view about trending keywords as well as keywords which are widely used by competitors. As Google keyword planner is free and easy to use, it is a suitable option for keyword research process.


Before selecting a keyword, business owners need to keep a track on keywords which are used by competitors. SpyFu is a tool which gives information about competitor’s campaigns, paid and organic search and a lot more. Results that appear on SpyFu are divided into several categories such as Overview, Competition, Shared Keywords, Top Keywords, AdWords history, Ranking history etc.

Keyword Spy

Similar to SpyFu, Keyword Spy is another tool to find out which keywords will be ideal for a business. Keyword Spy provides real time analysis of keywords which gives an overview on how a website is ranking based on the keyword. Moreover, Keyword Spy serves adequate information on how many searches a keyword receives in a month including the average cost-per-click.


SEMrush is one of the well-known tools for keyword research. Being a popular tool in the market, SEO experts use its features to track keyword performance of competitors. SEMrush helps in finding keywords which are suitable and relevant to the business profile and industry. For any keyword, SEMrush provides information regarding the keyword’s organic search, paid search, CPC distribution, trend etc.

Diverse set of keywords

Monitoring keywords of competitors is one method of providing a better SEO service. However, it is also important to identify different types of keywords that can help marketers select keywords that are relevant to their business. Listed below are different types of keywords that marketers and SEO experts can use to formulate an effective SEO strategy.

Market and customer defining keywords

Phrases and words typed by the user while searching online, when used to formulate keywords are called customer defining keywords. When customers search for a specific product or service, the words used therein fall under market defining keywords and when customers type a search phrase that provides some information about themselves, then those words are known as customer defining keywords. While selecting a keyword, SEO experts must categorise keywords into market and customer defining keywords.

Product and vertical keywords

Keywords used to describe a particular product in a number of different ways are known as Product keywords and keywords surrounding the main product idea are known as vertical keywords. Categorising keywords on the basis of product and vertical keywords help SEO experts to capture different set of audiences depending on the preferred keyword type.

Geotargeted keywords

The main focus of SEO is to target local audiences as a significant number of enquiries come from local audiences. Geotargeted keywords make a website visible to those users who are located within the business area.

Industry keywords

Keywords that are linked to the industry make an important set of keywords as such keywords direct the user to the main company website. Industry keywords searched by other organisations, industry experts or leaders make it important for the SEO experts to identify such keywords and classify them according to industry standards.

Selecting appropriate keywords for a business website can be tricky due to ongoing competition to acquire top ranking keywords. To select keywords, more than selecting top ranking keywords it is essential to connect with the mind of the user and identify the most probable search phrases and incorporate them into keywords. This ensures enhanced website visibility which in turn benefits the company as a whole and optimises the efforts put in by SEO experts.


Significance of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is a well-known tool to analyse visitor behaviour on a website and make required changes to a website to ensure the visitor stays for a longer duration on the website. To apply a Digital Marketing strategy, it is essential find an SEO Agency in Mumbai which helps you understand certain key terms of Google Analytics that help in identifying what is required by a viewer in order to generate conversions. Therefore, by knowing how beneficial Google Analytics can be, marketers before applying a digital marketing strategy should understand the workings of Google Analytics as it becomes easier to help their Digital Marketing partner in applying different strategies in order to increase brand awareness in the online marketing world.

Digital Marketing has enforced businesses to take their product or service online through various digital marketing mediums such as websites, blogs, social media and search engine optimization (SEO). These mediums work when several strategies are applied to target the right set of customers and by analysing consumer behaviour.

When companies create a website, the main focus is to attract visitors and create a need to purchase the product or service offered. This requires a thorough assessment of a website to identify the key areas which need improvement and this is where Google Analytics comes in. Google analytics is one of the most used technique to analyse a website. Research has revealed that 55% of the most well-known websites use Google Analytics to monitor user behaviour.

Identifying key terms in Google Analytics

When business owners decide to advertise their services online, the main question that can arise is how to monitor the success rate of all the Digital Marketing techniques applied. Google Analytics is where business owners get answers to all the queries related to the strategies applied such as the performance of campaigns conducted to the content that has attracted the most number of visitors to the website.

As Google Analytics is a wide domain providing vast information about the performance of the website, it is essential to understand certain key terms involved in it. This will help business owners modify their website marketing strategies and help SEO service providers in Bromsgrove, Redditch, Worcestershire and other service providers in U.K to increase the ranking in Search Results by modifying certain areas of the website. Every marketer who wants to adopt Digital Marketing as a marketing strategy needs to be aware of certain key terms regarding Google Analytics, such as –


When a page is viewed through a Google Analytics tracking code, it is considered as a pageview. Each time the Google tracking code is implemented, a pageview is recorded, which includes clicking on the back button, refreshing a page and opening the page in a new browser.

Session and Page / Session

A page session is the number of pages visited per session. It takes into account the number of pages a visitor views each time they visit the website. It calculates the total time of all the activities conducted by the user on the website. A normal Google time frame to calculate the activities performed by the visitor is 30 minutes however, this time frame can be modified as per convenience. The amount of time spent on the website by the user indicates the quality of the content that keeps them engaged on the website.

Bounce and Bounce Rate

When a visitor views a website and leaves the website only after visiting the landing page, it is considered to be a ‘bounce’. ‘Bounce rate’ is the percentage of the visitors who left the website after viewing just the landing page. A low bounce rate indicates that visitors are viewing more than one page on a website and is staying on the website for a longer period of time.


UMV also known as Unique Monthly Views is the number of individual users visiting the website. It is a parameter for bloggers or advertisers to sell their work to another business as it is an indicator of growth on a month to month basis.


It is essential to monitor the traffic that is directed to the website by analysing those websites which bring in more traffic to the main website. There are three main types of traffic; direct, organic and referral. A website URL which is directly entered on the browser by a visitor to view the website is known as Direct traffic. When a user searches for a website on Google and clicks on the search result and visits the website, it is known as Organic traffic and when a user visits a website through other mediums such as an advertisement, it is known as Referral traffic.

How to optimally utilize Google Analytics

Define specific objectives

In order to make maximum use of Google Analytics it is essential to set pre-defined objectives to measure accurate performance of the website. Setting objectives will help identify the success rate of the applied strategy and derive traffic from various Digital Marketing sources such as online advertising, Social Media etc.

Customized Audience Views

Google Analytics provides an option to apply various inbuilt settings for audience views as per convenience. It is preferable not to change the default view of ‘All website data’. Instead it is better to create new views with the given settings to analyse visitor behaviour on a website.

Micro and Macro Conversions

To generate conversions, content marketing is the key to create brand awareness. Conversions are not just related to sales but it can be broken down into micro and macro conversions. Micro conversion is an ongoing path to transform into a macro conversion (sale). For instance, if a viewer subscribes to a regular blog update, it is considered as a micro conversion in the world of Digital Marketing.

Monitor Bounce Rate

It is important to analyse the amount of time a visitor spends on a website to lower bounce rate. If the bounce rate is high, certain factors of the website such as content, keywords or its design have to be modified so as to keep the visitor engaged on the website. On the contrary, if the bounce rate is low, identify the areas due to which the user is engaged on the website and optimize those key areas to generate more traffic.

Monitor Exit Rate

With bounce rate, it is essential to monitor exit rate as it informs which specific visitor left the website. If a webpage is receiving a high exit rate, it is important to make changes and modify the webpage to facilitate viewer engagement on the website.

Analyse page sessions

There is a probability that because Google Analytics provides percentage data for page sessions, people overlook this data as it may be perceived of being less significant. However, to carefully analyse page sessions it is essential to divide the page session results into categories like traffic source, state, city, country etc. to gather the required information.

Identify the most important keywords

Google Analytics provides Top Keywords report which is considered as the most important tool for website analysis. It gives an overview of which keyword was responsible to bring in visitors to the website.

Google Analytics is that tool which can be used to its maximum potential by monitoring user behaviour that helps in initiating a lead by making certain changes to the website. eTrack Media is an SEO Company in Mumbai, India which helps in identifying certain key areas in Analytics, So marketing a product online will be an easier task as day to day analysis on consumer behaviour will cater to the need of the buyer and in time generate return on investment.

Black Hat SEO Techniques and Ways to Avoid Them

Every technique used in Digital Marketing has certain guidelines that have to be met to achieve desired results. However, in SEO, to increase search result rankings of a website for greater visibility, some SEO experts opt for the easy way out and apply strategies that are against the prescribed guidelines known as Black Hat SEO. Following such techniques can lead to penalties applied by search engines which can have severe consequences for the website and the SEO service provider. Hence it becomes essential to be aware of certain Black Hat SEO techniques which can help firms monitor the strategies applied by SEO experts to increase brand presence in the online market.

Search Engine Optimization is a vast minefield wherein several Search Engine guidelines have to be followed to ensure that various techniques used to increase search result rankings function as required, are adhered to. Certain techniques applied to increase rankings may have severe consequences on the entire strategy put in by SEO experts and such techniques can be classified under the term ‘Black hat SEO’. Carefully selecting the right online marketing agency in Mumbai can help you avoid the consequences.

Black hat SEO’s are techniques used to increase search result rankings through means that are against the prescribed guidelines specified for a search engine. The term ‘Black Hat’ originates from Western movies that indicate the difference between ‘bad guys’ and ‘good guys’ wherein good guys wore white hats and thus white hats in the SEO terminology is known as ‘White hat SEO’. In general, the techniques involving Black hat SEO are used to describe hackers, virus creators and individuals who perform unethical practices with computers.

As every platform in the digital world has certain prescribed methods, SEO have clearly framed policies that need to be followed. To ensure that the quality of a website is maintained, a high rank on search results is a must and to receive high rankings, SEO experts have to adhere to the current and changing trends as well as algorithm updates. However, there are instances where SEO experts try and manipulate prescribed guidelines to bring in organic traffic which may seem an easy way out in the short run but have severe consequences in the long run.

It is essential to identify certain unethical Black hat SEO practices to ensure that there is no harm caused in the ranking of a website and to understand the workings of SEO experts to prevent the malpractices that take place within Black hat SEO.

Buying links

Buying links is an easy technique to deliver the required rankings by the customer. Once a link is bought, the quality of the content is taken care of and the anchor text, an important criterion for high rankings on Google, is selected according to the customer’s preference. As this makes it easy to manipulate search result rankings, it is considered as a technique related to Black hat SEO.

Spam messages

There are instances where a content posted on the website receives a comment with a promotional link that is irrelevant to the content posted. Such comments are known as spam comments and are posted to create free backlinks. This technique to gain backlinks is pointless as it violates the purpose of SEO. This is a well-known technique in Black hat SEO which is undertaken through several tools available that post such comments directly on website content.

Cut, copy, paste content

Content picked up from another source and pasted is considered as one of the most demeaning techniques in Black Hat SEO. As search engines prefer content that is unique, to save time and cost, SEO experts use this technique for a website to gain a higher ranking on Search Results. When search results show similar content taken from other sources, it is tracked and treated as a violation to search engine guidelines.


Cloaking is another technique for Black Hat SEO wherein a different content or URL is presented to the user than to the search engine spider. This technique is used to derive the desired ranks for targeted keywords. Additionally, the content provided to the end user is insignificant, which goes against the terms and conditions of Google Webmaster Guidelines.

Doorway pages

Doorway pages, also known as jump pages or bridge pages are used to optimize keywords. Such pages are created to cheat search engines to divert the visitor from one search result to another irrelevant destination.

Consequences of Black hat SEO

Any illegal activity will have some severe consequences and similar is the case with Black hat SEO. Violating Search Engine Guidelines could lead to penalties that can last for weeks or several months until the matter is rectified. A key example of a Black hat SEO penalty is of a UK based florist called ‘Interflora’ who had to adhere a severe link related penalty in February 2013.

There have been cases wherein penalties had to be abolished manually if illegal activities were conducted due to buying links, irrelevant redirecting or cloaking. In such cases, the penalty can be lifted by Google after answering a series of questions such as, ‘What actions have been undertaken to solve the problem?’, ‘How such activity will never take place again?’ and a proof of the undertaken actions after which Google will decide whether to lift the penalty or not.

Apart from manual penalties, there can be algorithm penalties as well. This can take place if Google automatically finds a problem within the website such as cloaking, hidden text etc. and a penalty is applied which can be removed once the issue is rectified.

SEO Companies in Mumbai, India offer their SEO services to increase the online visibility of a firm and increase website rankings on Google which in turn can create a better name for the SEO service provider. Applying techniques that violate search engine guidelines leads to a negative impression for the firm as well as the SEO service provider. Hence identifying malpractices of SEO helps in avoiding unwanted consequences for the firm that aims to create a mark in the digital world and aid in selecting the digital marketing partner.


Why Outsourcing SEO Help Businesses to Grow

Why Outsourcing SEO Help Businesses to Grow

What is SEO?

When a user types a query on a search engine and presses enter, a list of websites appears on the computer screen. Some of them rank on the top, while others stay at the bottom. Normally, visitors click on those websites that are on the top of the list assuming they are more trustworthy. But if you ever wondered that why do some websites rank better than the other, then you must know it is because of a powerful digital marketing technique called Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

SEO is a technique which helps search engines to rank your website higher than the other millions of websites in response to a search query. It uses many methods, strategies and tactics to increase the number of visitors to your website that enable your website to rank higher.

There are several components that search engines look for, including title tags, keywords, image tags, internal link structure and various other components. They also look at the site structure and visitor behavior, which decide how high your website will rank on search engine result pages.

Why is SEO all that important? 

You might be aware that having an online presence is important, as it has a huge impact on the success of your business operation. But what you might not be aware of, is the role SEO plays in that process. Here are some key points which explain why SEO is all that important and why it acts as a base to increase your online presence:

Drive visitors to your website:

If users enter a search phrase that matches the products and services that you offer, then the chances of your website to be seen on the first page of search results increases. In addition, when you have a great SEO strategy working for your website, your website will show up on the top three results that attract a lot of visitors to your website.

With SEO, design the right Meta Description and Title tags: 

In print media, what catches the eye of a customer is the main title of the headline. An attractive headline motivates a customer to stay and read through the content and understand what you have to offer. Similarly, the description you write to describe your website and title tags are important when it comes to SEO. Description and title tags are as crucial as the images and content of your web page. An SEO expert helps you to identify appropriate tags that increase the number of visitors to your website.

Build Credibility: 

SEO will help you- gain attention, establish a rapport and earn credibility for your product with customers. With the right type of Search Engine Optimization which describes what your business is all about and why a customer should use your product, a potential buyer will try your product. If you deliver what you promise to your customers, then be rest assured your customers will stay with you for a long time.

Compete with other brands through SEO:

Using the right keywords, the description of your product can be highlighted on the top of search results. Higher rankings would create a positive impression of your product before your competitors can do the same. This enables you to set a standard on which your competitors will be judged. Unless your competitor comes up with a better SEO Strategy, customers will return to your website and place an order.

To highlight the importance of SEO a bit further, here are a few interesting facts about SEO:
• Google owns roughly 70% of the search engine market share

• 70% of clicks on search engine result pages are on organic results

• 75% of users never view the second page of search results

• There are over 1.4 billion searches conducted every hour

Why outsourcing is a better option? 

To ensure a business excels in different parameters, outsourcing seems like a viable option. It helps a business become popular via online marketing and let go of traditional techniques that restrict a business to achieve new heights. In the last few years, outsourcing has gained a significant amount of importance as it is reliable and most importantly cost effective and affordable. There are a few more advantages to outsourcing, given below are a few:

Lower Cost: 

Outsourcing can help you achieve good quality work at a lower cost. This is due to the different wages charged in different countries. Moreover, trying to teach your staff regarding the tasks you want to outsource can take a lot of time. This can take a toll on the time expected to be spent on other tasks that generate revenue.

Increase efficiency

Outsourcing your requirement to a company that specializes in a particular task helps in bringing their experience which enables your business to grow. Thus, the task can be completed with better efficiency and quality.

Allows you to focus on other areas: 

Since a huge task is taken care by a proper SEO Company in Mumbai, you can shift your focus on more important matters, such as building your brand, research and development and other value added services.

Flexible time zone: 

Along with cost, time zone is another advantage between your company and the outsourcing company. You can get your work done while you are done for the day and wake up next morning to find the task completed and delivered. Hence it gives you a round the clock advantage for your business operations.

Benefits of outsourcing SEO 

For any company, a marketing strategy can be executed using three methods; doing it in-house, outsourcing it or collaboration. Depending on the requirement of the company, it can utilize its internal resources and use any of the three options. For instance, creating a sales collateral can be done through collaboration as the company may not have the adequate content and design for developing the product. For social media marketing, in-house marketing seems appropriate as it increases credibility of the product. However, for SEO, outsourcing is the best option.

Outsourcing SEO is the best option when you don’t have the time, resources and the skills to execute a successful search engine campaign. Some aspects of the internet world like search engine marketing can be done in-house, but this doesn’t apply to SEO. The reason being SEO is so complex that it is always better if it is handled by the experts as then SEO will be implemented properly.

Here are some reasons as to why outsourcing SEO is a valuable option:


The complexity involved in SEO is something that cannot be handled by the in-house team. With time SEO keeps developing and it becomes necessary to keep up with the changing algorithms and search trends. Certain things currently working for your website today might be outdated or worse banned in the future. Hence its vital that SEO is handled by a team of experts.

Inadequate time:

After gaining a fair amount of knowledge of how SEO works, it may seem simple. But that does not change the fact that it can be extremely time consuming. As your business begins to grow, it gets more and more difficult to take out time for SEO. Adequate amount of time is required to keep up with weekly SEO blogs, discussions and the latest trends. Once you leave this in the hands of the outsourcing company, you will have enough time to focus on matters regarding the growth of your business.

Keyword optimization:

Certain keywords are used only for certain pages. As keywords -change with time, it becomes necessary to be aware of the keywords that are currently in use. SEO professionals constantly evaluate these keywords and analyze how effective they are now and will be in the near future.

Wide range of skills:

SEO involves a wide range of skills. An effective SEO campaign requires specialists, web designers, copywriters, front-end and back-end developers. When you outsource SEO activities, all these can be done under one roof.

Analyze your marketing strategy:

Outsourcing helps you analyze your progress as the outsourcing company generates a detailed report of all the SEO strategies applied. You can analyze several aspects such as page views, unique visitors, website clicks and a lot more. This gives you an overview of how much progress have you achieved over a period of time. Hence you can be rest assured with the services that an outsourcing company provides.

How to hire the right SEO Company 

After you take a decision to outsource your SEO services, it’s essential that you take time to analyze and then make a final selection on the company you wish to outsource it to. So how do you make sure that the SEO company you have in mind will give you the assured return on investment? The answer to this question is given with the following points below:

Company vision:

It’s essential to ensure that the vision of your business is parallel with the outsourcing company. It is important to know the background and the principles on which the company believes and follows.

Outsourcing projects:

Companies in order to increase their profit margin, outsource their projects. This enables them to cut cost and avoid hiring SEO experts that demand a higher price. It’s always better to gain clarity by asking a number of questions such as who will be handling the project and who will be the person of contact and other relevant questions.

Adapt to changing trends:

A company must be able to adjust to the changing trends as SEO keeps evolving constantly. New techniques should be incorporated as this will keep your business ahead of your competitors.

Mutual Understanding:

An SEO company should identify what your business exactly caters to. It needs to work in sync with your ideas and techniques so that it can design relevant SEO campaigns to meet your desired results. A healthy relationship with your SEO company will help your business get the required results efficiently.

Business Competitors:

Before selecting the company you want to work with, enquire about all the clients that they have earlier worked with. It may happen that they are working side by side with your competitors. If the company is a reputable one, they won’t be hesitant to reveal their clientele.


When pricing of the project is concerned, an analysis of your requirements and the right promotional campaign has to be determined. A reputed SEO company in India, will give you a detailed estimate and the duration required for the entire project to be completed.

SEO company in Redditch

With an overview on SEO outsourcing, it should be an easy task to select the right company that takes care of all your professional needs. One specific point to remember is the ability to identify a company that understands where you are coming from and what exactly your business is catering to and they should provide web design services as well. eTrack Media, a SEO Outsourcing Company in Redditch analyses your business in the most detailed manner and gives you an SEO service that is transparent and precise that helps you to achieve your business goals swiftly and efficiently.

The Importance of YouTube Marketing

Boasting of about 2 billion visitors per day, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, making it an ideal medium for advertising and marketing. If a company wants to generate curiosity about their product among the customers before its launch, a video on YouTube has the ability to gather attention of the required target audience without opting for traditional advertising mediums such as television and print. Boasting of about 2 billion visitors per day, YouTube is the second most visited website in the world, making it an ideal medium for advertising and marketing.

If a company wants to generate curiosity about their product among the customers before its launch, a video on YouTube has the ability to gather attention of the required target audience without opting for traditional advertising mediums such as television and print. Owing to its wide reach, YouTube videos are viewed by several hundred customers every passing minute. However, the reach of the video depends on its quality. Additionally, a YouTube video serves many other purposes which can summarised as:

 It educates people about the product

 It demonstrates the product applications

 Adds a fun element with the help of creative animations and typography

 Engages customers who may not be interested in the product

 Create audio-visual medium to attract specific target audience

The rising importance of YouTube

The key element for companies to increase their online presence is to ensure that customers view and share their content. YouTube provides a platform to promote, share and comment on a video, which enables companies to communicate their product easily to a wide range of customers. YouTube is emerging as one of the most successful tools for product promotion due to the following reasons:

Product promotion

Businesses find it easier to promote their product with a simple video that showcases the benefits of their product. The quality of the content and graphics play a vital role to attract visitors to share and comment for the company to receive valuable feedback.

Gain Feedback:

The most crucial aspect for development of any company is to gain feedback about their product. YouTube videos help to identify whether the product is a success or failure with the number of views and comments from the visitors.

Wider Reachability:

It is not always possible to connect with customers from remote locations. YouTube videos help to gain access to such customers and promises to increase the customer base.

Address Grievances:

Many businesses are unable to reach out to clients to resolve their queries and problems. As YouTube videos enable viewers to comment on the video, any grievances can be addressed systematically.

Brand Promotion:

In order to increase the brand visibility, companies enable viewers to comment on the videos and let them share the videos across various social media platforms. This helps viewers to make an informed choice before purchasing a product as well as help companies promote their brand.

YouTube Insight:

In addition to comments received on videos, YouTube insights provides a statistical input that enables companies to track the number of visitors viewing the video. This helps companies to analyse the success or failure of their YouTube campaign.

Increase website traffic:

Website links are displayed on videos which help to generate traffic towards the company website. This, eventually helps in diverting traffic from the YouTube video to the main website.

Save on cash:

Advertising through traditional means of advertising is possible only for companies with a big budget. There are no charges to upload a video on YouTube. Even with no cost undertaken, companies generate huge traffic towards their website, which results in higher profitability with least investment.

Advertise on YouTube

With millions of viewers active on YouTube every day, it becomes an attractive platform for companies to advertise their product since several options are available depending on the type of advertising campaign.

Establishing relationship with customers

A video can go Viral

Since there are numerous examples on how YouTube videos go viral, this invariably gives companies the scope to receive views from millions of customers. A video that has a bit of humour, is unique and generates a buzz in the market, such a video is shared numerous times on various Social Media Platforms generating a significant amount of traffic to the company website.

Address customer comments

If a business is promoting its product on YouTube, there will be certain queries in the form of comments. The company can address these queries by asking questions, providing step by step solutions and add links which can direct them to the related video that solve the problem. Companies must ensure that the answers to the queries are to the point to maintain their YouTube customer base.

Ask customers to Subscribe

To increase the subscriber base of a YouTube Channel, companies can urge their viewers to press the subscribe button at the end of videos. Subscribing a video enables the viewers to stay updated with all the videos that will be uploaded by the company in future.

Add website link to videos

Adding the link of the website in the start and end of the video gives the viewer information about the company. Placing the website link of the company helps divert traffic from YouTube to the website which in turn increases website traffic. There are widgets and buttons which enable the user to place the website URL in the YouTube video.

Key statistics on YouTube marketing

Social Media marketing in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Nottingham and several cities in UK have created a significant platform for businesses to market their product on the digital medium. As highlighted earlier on the important benefits of marketing a product through YouTube, listed below are some key statistics which makes YouTube a reliable and dependable platform to save cost and market products efficiently:

 World over, people watch 6 Billion hours of video on YouTube every month

 The average YouTube session on mobile is now 40 minutes

 1 Billion people across the world use YouTube every month

 400 hours of video are uploaded on YouTube every minute

 1 hour of video is uploaded on YouTube EVERY SECOND!

 YouTube is localized in 61 countries and across 61 languages

Most successful YouTube campaigns

With YouTube providing a vast platform to advertise, the manner in which a video is created with unique ideas leads to an uproar in the world of Social Media. Given below are some successful YouTube campaigns which captured the attention of millions of YouTube viewers within minutes.

Dove – Real women, real rewards

Dove, with their ‘Real Beauty Sketches’ campaign created a significant impact in promoting their product. The video received about 114 million views within the first month itself. This video was available in 25 languages on 33 official YouTube channels reaching consumers in over 110 countries.

Evian – the inner child that keeps on giving

Evian’s campaign of ‘baby and me’ depicts adults in their baby avatars. The campaign received 100 million view in weeks with frequent updates on their Facebook page and various other promotional tools.

Lay’s – Crowdsourced crunch

Lay’s ‘Do us a Flavor’ was a campaign asking customers to suggest a new flavor for the potato chip brand and gave the customers an opportunity to win 1 million dollars. There were about 4 million suggested flavors sent through Facebook and SMS’s. The campaign increased their fan base three-folds and led to over 12% rise in sales across the USA.

Always #LikeAGirl

With equality campaigns creating a frenzy in 2014, ‘Always #LikeAGirl’ received 53.5 Million views on YouTube leading the ‘Always’ brand to gain immense popularity across the world.

Author Bio:

Bal Rai is an Internet Marketing Consultant at eTrack Media, a leading SEO Company in Mumbai that provides the best search optimisation services, social media marketing services, and web design and development services to full-service marketing firms as well as end clients.


Why Facebook Advertising Is Creating a Buzz In The World of Marketing

The new entrant in advertising

Advertising is commonly known as a method to spread the word of a new product or penetrate an existing brand in the mind of customers. With the advent of social media, young as well as the old generation have found an appropriate medium to stay connected with each other. As a part of such technological revolution, a brand that has emerged and grown immensely in the world of Social Media is, Facebook.

Over the time, as Facebook gained its more popularity, it realised its potential for online advertising. The company focused on providing user specific target options for advertisers, e.g. language based or geographic targeting advertisements, that gave the authority to advertisers to create and manage their own ads.

Today, with over 2.5 million advertisers, Facebook is one of the largest online marketplaces with 75% businesses willing to pay and promote their posts on the social networking giant.

The wide reach of Facebook in UK

With social media leaving its imprint across the globe, Social Media marketing in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Nottingham and several cities in UK has created a significant platform for businesses to market their product on the digital platform. It is estimated; in 2016 more than half of the UK population will be active on Social Media on a regular basis. Additionally, it is estimated that;
• 33.2 million users once a month will log on to social media

• 89.9% social network users will be on Facebook this year

• By 2020, it is estimated that the number will increase to 35.4 million (source

Why advertise your brand on Facebook?

Target the right audience 

Over 1.4 billion users engaged on Facebook across the globe and over 900 million visits per day, advertising through Facebook lets you target audiences depending on location, age, interest and a variety of other criteria.

People stay active on Social Media for a long period of time

An average user spends about 28% of the time staying active on social media. Every minute, there are about 4.1 million posts which are liked, shared, commented on and new status updates are uploaded on Facebook, making it one of the largest platform for advertisers to explore and communicate their brand.

Reducing importance of Organic Reach

A typical business page created on Facebook reaches only 0.5% of your audience. Facebook has reduced the visibility of business pages and that has been bothering business owners everywhere. Hence it becomes essential to use Facebook ads if you want your product to reach and be discovered by consumers.

Increase the reach of your promoted content

If you want to increase your online presence in the market, creating a website is a must. Once a website is created, you would want your customers to know about it. Hence, to promote your website, you would require your website’s content on several Social Media Platforms. This is where Facebook ads can play a crucial role. By using Facebook ads, you can promote your content to a wider customer base and share it with a wider audience with the help of Facebook Ads.

When big brands made it bigger through Facebook advertising 

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has over 90 million fans on Facebook. There are about 4500 interactions every day and over 40,000 during Super Bowl.

Mc Donald’s: Mc Donald’s has over 55 million followers and most of the followers are from outside the U.S.A

Red Bull: Red Bull’s Facebook page communicates everything else except the brand. It does not focus on the cans images, instead it focuses on extreme sports videos which transfer to their YouTube page which has around 1 billion views.

Samsung Mobile: With over 40 million fans, Samsung mobile leaves Motorola (8 million), HTC (5.5 million) and LG (2.5 million) far behind. Samsung’s biggest competitor Apple does not have a Facebook page as it relies on the media to spread the word on the latest on Apple. (source:

Things to remember before creating a Facebook advertisement

Target the right audience

Facebook ads will not fetch you the desired results unless it is targeted to the right set of audience. The ads can be targeted on the basis of:

• Location

• Age

• Gender

• Interests

• Connections

• Relationship Status

• Languages

• Education

• Workplaces


Target a broad category

Facebook ads give you an option with a wide range of categories that include gardening, consumer electronics, horror movies and a lot more. Broad categories are an essential medium to pick the right set of audience, however, the benefit of a broad category is quite insignificant and hence many advertisers avoid it.

Target the exact interest area

To target according to the prescribed interests allows you to search users based on the users likes, interests, the pages they like and the apps the users use. Advertisers rely on this category as it brings them a significant amount of ROI.

Attract consumer’s attention with images

An image is a deciding factor for a customer to read and view your ad, without an attractive and an informative image, you won’t get the desired clicks. Ensure you do not misuse any Google images and use a logo only if you have the patent for the same.

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Bal Rai is an Internet Marketing Consultant at eTrack Media, a leading SEO Company in Mumbai that provides the best search optimisation services, web design services and social media management services to full-service marketing firms as well as end clients.

Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Marketing your business on the internet is catching up fast on the chart of popularity that has further led businesses to compete with each other for visibility and popularity online. In today’s competitive business world, it’s becoming extremely important to make your presence felt online. Previously, it was easy to rank in search engines as they were simpler, however, now with the search engines getting smarter and far more selective of the websites that feature in search results, getting higher ranks in the search results are becoming more and more tough. As a result, many businesses understand the significance of search engine optimization and look for SEO outsourcing options to outsource their requirements to expert SEO companies.

With businesses now looking to outsource their SEO needs, the most critical question that comes up is how to select the right SEO outsourcing partners? How does one ensure that he is getting the right value for the money? To clear all your doubts, given below are some of the steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners.

Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Time Frame for SEO

Deciding on the period, i.e. long term or short term SEO is the first thing to do even before you start looking for a SEO outsourcing partner. SEO is always an ongoing activity and should be considered the same way to ensure the changes occurring don’t affect the rankings of the website adversely. Changes in search engine algorithm and in the search behavior of your target along with the optimization efforts of your competitors are some of the changes that can affect you. So, to ensure that these changes don’t affect your site and it ranks well in spite of the changes, it’s vital to carry on some SEO efforts at all times. SEO gives you results over a period of time and not instantly, so the longer the better.

Earlier Record

Before selecting your SEO outsourcing partner there is a to do list:
 Request for past track record and case studies
 Go through their client list and testimonials, if available
 Check on referrals
Talk to as many people as possible and see if they have heard about the agency and look for any input that they can provide about them. Try to contact the clients they have mentioned on their website and check the credibility with them.

Don’t Fall for Black Hat SEOs

You’d come across several SEO and web designing company in Mumbai and freelancers that promise great results. Be wary of such claims as SEO works best when done for a longer period of time and cannot provide instant results. If someone assures short term results then it could mean black hat SEO (SEO done by not following search engine guidelines) that could result in long time penalty.

Understand the Facts

When you select a SEO company in Mumbai, ensure to know the tactics they use, i.e. whether they only pull and present reports or do they also explain them? Evaluate the cause and act on the suggestions of the report. Pulling out reports from analytic tools and mailing them is not that difficult.

Following the above given tips can immensely help your cause in selecting the right SEO outsourcing partner. Getting the right digital marketing company in India offering best SEO services is absolutely critical to succeed in your quest of promoting the brand.