Article Marketing: Valuable Tips to Gain More Virtual Footfalls

When a business starts up, one of the first things they try and put into place is their web presence. Since the firm is in its start-up phase, making the target market aware of the business and generating good business leads are some of the primary marketing objectives. To make the most of your website, organic traffic is paramount, and to increase your site traffic, employing a well-planned link building strategy provides results. Whilst link-building involves directory submissions, social bookmarking, social media marketing and more, article submissions is one of the most affordable ways to gain virtual footfalls. However, similar to other techniques, article distribution requires planning.

Whether you are employing this link-building technique yourself or hiring an external online marketing agency, the following are some valuable tips to follow if you want to make the most  of article marketing:

1.            Doing an In-Depth Keyword Research

Before even planning your article writing schedule, doing a thorough research on keywords and long-tail key phrases popular with your target market can offer valuable rewards. All the top key phrases related to your product/service should dictate your article promotion strategy.

2.            Targeting Long-Tail Keywords

When you target generic keywords, you face much larger competition than when you target long-tail keywords. As long-tail keywords are more specific, the people who key in those phrases are looking for  your business and therefore, have a greater prospect of becoming important leads.

3.            Offering Real Value to Readers

The content you include in your articles should be unique, informative, and engage your target audience. Some  ideas to make readers coming back to your articles include becoming a thought leader in your niche area, providing a hands-on professional perspective on your domain, offering a new outlook on existing practises, and shedding light on high-impact revolutionary trends.

4.            Cross-Linking Related Articles

It is important to post articles regularly to create a reader base. However, cross-linking related articles will help you create a loyal following of readers and in turn, valuable business leads.

5.            Providing Succinct Author Descriptions

Stuffing the author descriptions with keywords not related to your article can harm your reputation and turn off readers. Alternatively, short, simple, and creative profile write-ups can pique your audience’s interest to learn more about your organisation and its products/services.

Listed above are just a handful of elementary guidelines to help you reap rewards from your article submission efforts. If you wish to add affordable article distribution and article marketing services to your online marketing plans, eTrack Media can help. Amongst the best SEO companies in the Mumbai, India eTrack Media is equipped with a right mix of SMM experts, SEO specialists, web designers / developers, and experienced content writers.


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eTrack Media is the brain child of some astute professionals who by their experience and shrewdness wish to bring about a drastic change in the way online marketing is perceived. Having a rich experience of almost 15 years working with small to medium sized businesses providing an array of IT solutions and services, the team aims to provide unmatched solutions in the area of online marketing. With a head office based in Andheri in Mumbai, in India, eTrack Media provides search engine optimisation services, website designing, web development, social media marketing and an array of online solutions to several clients in Mumbai and neighbouring areas. Talent has no boundaries and so has eTrack Media, as it has spread its wings to more people in the UK, the US, Canada, Australia and the Middle East. Our Services: - Search Engine Optimization (SEO) - Pay Per Click (PPC) Management (Google Adwords) - Social Media Marketing - Facebook Marketing - Twitter Marketing - Content Editing and Creation - Website Design - Website Development

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