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Top SEO Mistakes to Avoid!

With the advent of internet, competition amongst businesses has gone to another level. There are billions of websites offering the same services/products and catering to the same target audience. This competitive online landscape has increased the importance of Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) like never before. Today, SEO is an indispensable ingredient for any business’s success. It boosts search engine rankings, targeted flow of traffic and sales of your business. However, many businesses even after implementing SEO don’t reap its benefits. Consequently, practicing SEO is essential but having knowledge of the common pitfalls to avoid is even more critical. Below are some of the most common SEO mistakes that businesses should avoid:

1) Duplicate Content:

Whilst content is one of the key elements that boosts search engine ranking, it poses a severe threat of penalty if the content found on the website is duplicated. Duplicate content involves the same content being used on different pages of the same website or on different websites. If you have two pages on your website based on one topic and targeting the same keywords, it is better to consolidate both the pages into one. Alternatively, write original content for both the pages. The problem with duplicated content is that it confuses search engines as to which pages to index. In addition to original web content, meta tags, meta description and title tags should also be original. To avoid being penalized and to check if the content you are posting is unique, pass the content to plagiarism checker tools such as Copyscape, Copysentry, and Plagscan, amongst others.

2) Stuffing Keywords and Irrelevance:

As the main job of SEO companies is to rank your business higher on certain keywords, some of them stuff keywords on the entire website and related article sites.  More importantly, in the pretext of gaining high search engine ranking, such companies adopt unethical SEO practices such as targeting keywords with irrelevant content. In an attempt of misguiding users and search engines, Google penalizes the website as a spammer which is a severe blow to their business.

3) Automated Link Building:

Link building services are one of the essential SEO tactics that drive web traffic and boost search engine rankings. However, links built with mass automated directory submissions, social bookmarking submissions and article submissions do more harm than good. Whilst, there are many sites that offer thousands of submissions at extremely affordable rates, they are unreliable as they prefer spamming over manual submission. Hence, even though manual submission of articles and directories take time and more effort, it is more reliable and preferable over automated link building.

4) Over-optimisation of Keyword Anchor Text:

Whilst optimization of anchor text is vital, over-optimising it can severely affect search engine rankings. Using the same keyword anchor text to build backlinks will undermine all your efforts as search engine would consider it as spam. SEO companies should adopt variation in anchor text by rotating and mixing keywords to avoid being labelled as spam.

So, if you are already doing SEO for your website but are unable to rank higher on search engines, the above might be some of SEO mistakes you might be committing.

Bal Rai is an Internet Marketing Consultant at eTrack Media, one of the leading SEO companies in Redditch that provides search engine optimisation and link building services to clients in Redditch, Bromsgrove, Warwickshire, Worcestershire and the West Midlands.


Using Local Directory Listings? Be Careful About 4 Aspects

Local directory listing forms a key online channel for small and medium-sized businesses with limited geographic reach. Planned and implemented appropriately, this channel can prove not only to be the most convenient of all to promote products and services but can also generate high-quality leads. Whilst other methods, such as Web 2.0 submission, article submission, blog submission, press release posting, infographic submission, guest posting and video submission require significant content / multimedia skills and expertise, manual directory submission to local business portals is relatively convenient.
Nevertheless, before embarking on planning and implementing online local listings for your clients, please keep in mind the following red alerts to optimise the channel for maximum effect:
1. Keep Away from Low PR Directories
Ensure that high PR directories, including Google+ Local, Yelp, Yahoo! Local, Bing, Manta and CitySearch are a part of your target directories. The reason being these listing sites have high Google PageRank and by submitting business details to such directories can quickly help your business build credibility and awareness, both from the point of view of your potential customers and the search engines.
2. Avoid Giving Partial Business Details
When potential customers find your business on reputed local directories, they expect to get a thorough understanding of the same. Apart from your business’ name and your logo, they require essential details, such as products, services, office locations, address, contact numbers, office hours, e-mail, website URLs, business category, listing title and post description. Listing posts with incomplete business information turns off visitors which could have been converted to leads or even customers.
3. Don’t Miss Out on Relevant Keywords
Always populate your directory listing title and business description with the key phrases most relevant to your business. Though your details and anchor text that fail to include such phrases would still help your potential visitors, they will mean little for search engines. As a result, the larger purpose of including local directory listings in your online marketing mix, which is to drive relevant regional target audience to your site, would be defeated. Whilst search engine analytics programs help you gauge which keywords are in high demand for particular geographical locations, it is still important to understand the demographics and psychographics of your target and get in their mind while deciding the relevant keywords.
4. Spread Out Listings over Larger Timeframe
To see a consistent increment in SEO rankings, you should avoid posting too many listings in a short period of time. Compared to the ‘clustered’ approach, you should employ ‘continuity’ approach and spread business listings evenly across a longer timespan for a steady rise in online visibility.
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