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A Holistic Approach to Build Effective Online Presence!

The Internet has transformed the way businesses operate. With a vast population resorting to the internet as a primary resource of information before making any purchase, it has become imperative for businesses to include digital marketing as an integral component of their company’s marketing plan. Internet marketing involves three important components, which if properly utilized, provides a tangible return on investments. It includes website designing, social media optimisation and social media marketing.

1) Website Designing: A website is a direct reflection of your brand. In this digital era, consumers make a judgement about a brand based on their website. A consumer has no knowledge about the size of the organisation or the strength of the firm. All it does is look at a company’s website and decide whether they should go ahead and buy their products/services. As a result, the design of the website is very important. A website needs to convey all the relevant information about the brand in an interesting and presentable manner. The design should be unique, captivating and contemporary. It should be SEO-friendly to allow search engines to easily list the website on search engine results. Additionally, the website needs to be responsive .i.e. compatible with mobiles, tablets and other devices. As a majority of consumers use their Smartphone to browse and shop, it is important to improve their buying experience from your brand by making your website mobile-friendly.

2) Search engine optimisation (SEO): Getting a professionally designed website by a reputable website designing services provider is the first step towards creating an effective online presence. The next step is to make your website ‘searchable’ on the search engines. This means a professional SEO company should be hired for doing the SEO of your website. The SEO Company would then build quality backlinks to your website through link building services including directory submission services, social bookmarking services and article submission services amongst many others. This would enhance your website’s visibility, drive traffic and generate sales. A higher ranking on the search engine results would generate more traffic to your website. However, a company should adopt only white-hat SEO techniques to avoid any possible penalties. Thus, SEO services are the second important component to help build a holistic online presence.

3) Social Media Marketing (SMM): Today, social media is seamlessly integrated into people’s lives. It is a huge platform where a brand can connect with millions of customers simultaneously. Capitalising on social media will help you create brand awareness, connect with your customers and gain their loyalty. However, a good social media strategy isn’t restricted to setting up accounts and posting updates. It involves interacting with your followers, encouraging participation and building their trust. A customer with a positive experience on social media is likely to recommend your business to their friends. Thus, social media allows brands to build a personal connection with consumers which goes a long way to creating a positive brand image and instilling credibility. Additionally, social media also helps to get your company listed on search engine results whilst driving traffic to your website.

Considering the overall benefits of website designing, search engine optimisation and social media marketing, including increased visibility, traffic and sales, it is indispensable for businesses to include them as a part of their marketing mix.

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