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Why Facebook Advertising Is Creating a Buzz In The World of Marketing

The new entrant in advertising

Advertising is commonly known as a method to spread the word of a new product or penetrate an existing brand in the mind of customers. With the advent of social media, young as well as the old generation have found an appropriate medium to stay connected with each other. As a part of such technological revolution, a brand that has emerged and grown immensely in the world of Social Media is, Facebook.

Over the time, as Facebook gained its more popularity, it realised its potential for online advertising. The company focused on providing user specific target options for advertisers, e.g. language based or geographic targeting advertisements, that gave the authority to advertisers to create and manage their own ads.

Today, with over 2.5 million advertisers, Facebook is one of the largest online marketplaces with 75% businesses willing to pay and promote their posts on the social networking giant.

The wide reach of Facebook in UK

With social media leaving its imprint across the globe, Social Media marketing in Bromsgrove, Worcestershire, Nottingham and several cities in UK has created a significant platform for businesses to market their product on the digital platform. It is estimated; in 2016 more than half of the UK population will be active on Social Media on a regular basis. Additionally, it is estimated that;
• 33.2 million users once a month will log on to social media

• 89.9% social network users will be on Facebook this year

• By 2020, it is estimated that the number will increase to 35.4 million (source

Why advertise your brand on Facebook?

Target the right audience 

Over 1.4 billion users engaged on Facebook across the globe and over 900 million visits per day, advertising through Facebook lets you target audiences depending on location, age, interest and a variety of other criteria.

People stay active on Social Media for a long period of time

An average user spends about 28% of the time staying active on social media. Every minute, there are about 4.1 million posts which are liked, shared, commented on and new status updates are uploaded on Facebook, making it one of the largest platform for advertisers to explore and communicate their brand.

Reducing importance of Organic Reach

A typical business page created on Facebook reaches only 0.5% of your audience. Facebook has reduced the visibility of business pages and that has been bothering business owners everywhere. Hence it becomes essential to use Facebook ads if you want your product to reach and be discovered by consumers.

Increase the reach of your promoted content

If you want to increase your online presence in the market, creating a website is a must. Once a website is created, you would want your customers to know about it. Hence, to promote your website, you would require your website’s content on several Social Media Platforms. This is where Facebook ads can play a crucial role. By using Facebook ads, you can promote your content to a wider customer base and share it with a wider audience with the help of Facebook Ads.

When big brands made it bigger through Facebook advertising 

Coca-Cola: Coca-Cola has over 90 million fans on Facebook. There are about 4500 interactions every day and over 40,000 during Super Bowl.

Mc Donald’s: Mc Donald’s has over 55 million followers and most of the followers are from outside the U.S.A

Red Bull: Red Bull’s Facebook page communicates everything else except the brand. It does not focus on the cans images, instead it focuses on extreme sports videos which transfer to their YouTube page which has around 1 billion views.

Samsung Mobile: With over 40 million fans, Samsung mobile leaves Motorola (8 million), HTC (5.5 million) and LG (2.5 million) far behind. Samsung’s biggest competitor Apple does not have a Facebook page as it relies on the media to spread the word on the latest on Apple. (source:

Things to remember before creating a Facebook advertisement

Target the right audience

Facebook ads will not fetch you the desired results unless it is targeted to the right set of audience. The ads can be targeted on the basis of:

• Location

• Age

• Gender

• Interests

• Connections

• Relationship Status

• Languages

• Education

• Workplaces


Target a broad category

Facebook ads give you an option with a wide range of categories that include gardening, consumer electronics, horror movies and a lot more. Broad categories are an essential medium to pick the right set of audience, however, the benefit of a broad category is quite insignificant and hence many advertisers avoid it.

Target the exact interest area

To target according to the prescribed interests allows you to search users based on the users likes, interests, the pages they like and the apps the users use. Advertisers rely on this category as it brings them a significant amount of ROI.

Attract consumer’s attention with images

An image is a deciding factor for a customer to read and view your ad, without an attractive and an informative image, you won’t get the desired clicks. Ensure you do not misuse any Google images and use a logo only if you have the patent for the same.

Author Bio:

Bal Rai is an Internet Marketing Consultant at eTrack Media, a leading SEO Company in Mumbai that provides the best search optimisation services, web design services and social media management services to full-service marketing firms as well as end clients.


Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Marketing your business on the internet is catching up fast on the chart of popularity that has further led businesses to compete with each other for visibility and popularity online. In today’s competitive business world, it’s becoming extremely important to make your presence felt online. Previously, it was easy to rank in search engines as they were simpler, however, now with the search engines getting smarter and far more selective of the websites that feature in search results, getting higher ranks in the search results are becoming more and more tough. As a result, many businesses understand the significance of search engine optimization and look for SEO outsourcing options to outsource their requirements to expert SEO companies.

With businesses now looking to outsource their SEO needs, the most critical question that comes up is how to select the right SEO outsourcing partners? How does one ensure that he is getting the right value for the money? To clear all your doubts, given below are some of the steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners.

Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Time Frame for SEO

Deciding on the period, i.e. long term or short term SEO is the first thing to do even before you start looking for a SEO outsourcing partner. SEO is always an ongoing activity and should be considered the same way to ensure the changes occurring don’t affect the rankings of the website adversely. Changes in search engine algorithm and in the search behavior of your target along with the optimization efforts of your competitors are some of the changes that can affect you. So, to ensure that these changes don’t affect your site and it ranks well in spite of the changes, it’s vital to carry on some SEO efforts at all times. SEO gives you results over a period of time and not instantly, so the longer the better.

Earlier Record

Before selecting your SEO outsourcing partner there is a to do list:
 Request for past track record and case studies
 Go through their client list and testimonials, if available
 Check on referrals
Talk to as many people as possible and see if they have heard about the agency and look for any input that they can provide about them. Try to contact the clients they have mentioned on their website and check the credibility with them.

Don’t Fall for Black Hat SEOs

You’d come across several SEO and web designing company in Mumbai and freelancers that promise great results. Be wary of such claims as SEO works best when done for a longer period of time and cannot provide instant results. If someone assures short term results then it could mean black hat SEO (SEO done by not following search engine guidelines) that could result in long time penalty.

Understand the Facts

When you select a SEO company in Mumbai, ensure to know the tactics they use, i.e. whether they only pull and present reports or do they also explain them? Evaluate the cause and act on the suggestions of the report. Pulling out reports from analytic tools and mailing them is not that difficult.

Following the above given tips can immensely help your cause in selecting the right SEO outsourcing partner. Getting the right digital marketing company in India offering best SEO services is absolutely critical to succeed in your quest of promoting the brand.