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Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Marketing your business on the internet is catching up fast on the chart of popularity that has further led businesses to compete with each other for visibility and popularity online. In today’s competitive business world, it’s becoming extremely important to make your presence felt online. Previously, it was easy to rank in search engines as they were simpler, however, now with the search engines getting smarter and far more selective of the websites that feature in search results, getting higher ranks in the search results are becoming more and more tough. As a result, many businesses understand the significance of search engine optimization and look for SEO outsourcing options to outsource their requirements to expert SEO companies.

With businesses now looking to outsource their SEO needs, the most critical question that comes up is how to select the right SEO outsourcing partners? How does one ensure that he is getting the right value for the money? To clear all your doubts, given below are some of the steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners.

Steps to undertake when selecting SEO outsourcing partners

Time Frame for SEO

Deciding on the period, i.e. long term or short term SEO is the first thing to do even before you start looking for a SEO outsourcing partner. SEO is always an ongoing activity and should be considered the same way to ensure the changes occurring don’t affect the rankings of the website adversely. Changes in search engine algorithm and in the search behavior of your target along with the optimization efforts of your competitors are some of the changes that can affect you. So, to ensure that these changes don’t affect your site and it ranks well in spite of the changes, it’s vital to carry on some SEO efforts at all times. SEO gives you results over a period of time and not instantly, so the longer the better.

Earlier Record

Before selecting your SEO outsourcing partner there is a to do list:
 Request for past track record and case studies
 Go through their client list and testimonials, if available
 Check on referrals
Talk to as many people as possible and see if they have heard about the agency and look for any input that they can provide about them. Try to contact the clients they have mentioned on their website and check the credibility with them.

Don’t Fall for Black Hat SEOs

You’d come across several SEO and web designing company in Mumbai and freelancers that promise great results. Be wary of such claims as SEO works best when done for a longer period of time and cannot provide instant results. If someone assures short term results then it could mean black hat SEO (SEO done by not following search engine guidelines) that could result in long time penalty.

Understand the Facts

When you select a SEO company in Mumbai, ensure to know the tactics they use, i.e. whether they only pull and present reports or do they also explain them? Evaluate the cause and act on the suggestions of the report. Pulling out reports from analytic tools and mailing them is not that difficult.

Following the above given tips can immensely help your cause in selecting the right SEO outsourcing partner. Getting the right digital marketing company in India offering best SEO services is absolutely critical to succeed in your quest of promoting the brand.


6 Tips to Hire the Right SEO Company

Irrespective of the growth chart of your company, its web presence and social media footprint critically determine its financial results. Social media marketing controls a part of social footprint, which offers the brand visibility that helps the organization establish a brand identity. The goals related to social marketing are supported by search engine optimization (SEO), which relates to the possibility that search engine robots anticipate the content of a website to be sufficiently useful to place it on top in search results. Partnering with a SEO company in Mumbai could be the step forward to implement an SEO marketing strategy. However, it’s not an easy task hiring an appropriate SEO partner as it’s a matter of knowing the requirement of your company and and assessing an organization using the appropriate criteria. Here are 6 tips that would help you hire the appropriate SEO company for your business needs.
6 Tips to Hire an Appropriate SEO Company

Know your Company’s SEO Needs

There are several task than an established SEO firm can accomplish, such as link building and removal, SEO audit, etc. So, it’s vital to recognize the precise services an SEO firm can provide to meet your business requirements. For instance, you could seek SEO services to enhance website traffic for increasing sales leads by some percentage.

Link Building Strategy

Link building is a key factor as far as page ranking is concerned. It’s also directly linked with your website’s reputation and your ranking. When working with any SEO company, it’s vital to take some time to understand the linking strategy they’d use. A good and reputed SEO company would surely understand the significance placed on one way and reciprocal linking by search engines. It means that the SEO company would do an advanced evaluation of your site’s linking structure and enhance it.

Get to Know the SEO Firm’s Previous Projects

A creative approach and tactical plan are two basic things for getting good SEO results. When you know about the previous projects of the firm, you also come to know the hurdles that the firm was made to cross and whether they passed it successfully. You can also learn about the degree of the firm’s creativity in addressing the risks for a specific project. Getting to know about some previous projects will also make you learn about the the lack of effective planning, deficit of skilled personnel, etc. if any, which will help you recognize the firm’s successes and failures.


You’d want to work with a SEO firm whose services you can afford. For that the company’s service you hire must be competitively priced. It’s always good to compare the value of various SEO services with the price you’d pay to know whether they are worth the cost. Hiring the right SEO firm whose services fit in your budget is important to the success of your online business.

Know the SEO Company’s Plan of Action

To know whether a particular SEO firm will fulfill your business needs, narrow down the search by request proposals from companies with the required skill set. In recent years the field of SEO is broadening swiftly, so when screening the proposals, you would probably get wide range of approaches accomplishing your SEO objectives. Depending on how many and appropriate proposals you get, you can decide upon their plan of action and know whether the company might be appropriate for your SEO needs.

Customer Service

You would want to work with a SEO company that would offer you the best customer service. It means the company would be willing to listen to you and communicate with you in a way you would understand. The right SEO company would ensure that you get the expert advice you require within reasonable parameters.
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How to write PPC Ads that brings conversions?

In today’s digital marketing world, you can easily notice that majority of the Search Engine Marketing Copywriters or web content writers seldom get their PPC ads correct. The reason behind this is they don’t give the required time and understanding that’s needed for the process of creating such ads. Most SEM writers opine that PPC ads never have click through rates anyway. Many experts feel that this is not true after all there’s nothing wrong with pushing the figure as far as it can go.
Any SEO company in Mumbai running PPC ads for their clients needs to achieve the following:
PPC AD must attract viewers:

As lots of SEO and SEM ads run on the web pages, the PPC ad firstly needs to grab the attention of the viewers enough to read it to the end. This can be best done with a headline that associates with the keyword.
The AD must achieve a high click through rate, however, only among its target audience: The PPC ad requires soliciting several clicks, however, only from relevant leads. Or else, the advertiser pays for clicks that won’t convert, and are in essence, absolutely useless.
Visitors on the landing page of the site must be converted by the PPC ad: In order to achieve this, the PPC as must be entirely relevant and truthful with its promise from start to finish.
Some Factors to keep in mind while writing for PPC Ads
Ensure to Keep the Product/Service’s USP in the PPC ad:

The USP or the Unique Selling Point is the main differentiator between your product/service and that of your competitors, which specifically tells the visitor as to why he/she should buy from you.
Product/Service’s key benefit:

Look at what is the primary benefit that the visitor will be looking to get from the product or service that’s being sold and put that message across.
Refrain from using the Company’s name in the main AD:

There will be a place for the company’s URL under the PPC ad. So, it is better not to use the name of the company in the main ad considering the limited space allotted for write up.
Keyword Phrase:

Keywords are very important part of any SEO services in Mumbai, India and thus you must not only include them especially that are used by the searcher but you must also get into his/her shoes and try to understand precisely what the individual entering the particular keyword phrase could be looking for. This will help you a great deal in connecting with the visitor.
Incorporate a Call to Action:

As the phrase ‘call to action’ suggests, it is typically a hook that will work as a temptation to click on the url and visit the website. This could include a free offer, a money back scheme, a sale or even something less dramatic such as the USP put in an exciting way in case there’s no space for announcements.
It’s quite possible that as a PPC marketer, your focus might be more on brand awareness than purchases. However, it’s critical to contemplate the brand awareness metrics that are crucial to your campaign.

Top SEO trends that are building the industry in 2017

Knowing the way search engines perform and change along with time is one of the better ways to dominate the web industry. Today, the world of SEO is transforming at an alarming speed and if you’re not ready to match these changes then it becomes extremely risky for any business to survive in the current ever competitive marketing industry. As mentioned earlier, SEO is ever evolving at lightning speed. We are 5 months in 2017, and it’s high time to evaluate the digital marketing landscape for the current year.

The year 2016 has seen several developments in SEO and several of the noticeable trends of last year would continue and grow in 2017 as well. As the algorithm updates by Google continuously keep entrepreneurs on their toes, many other trends are expected to shape up in 2017 which will keep any internet marketing agency in India on its toes.

Top SEO Trends to Take Shape in 2017:

A Comeback for Organic SEO

Currently SEO strategies are given less priority as paid marketing is taking a slight lead. One can expect this to change with advanced SEO strategies set for a comeback in the current year. Many businesses are analysing their budgets closely seeing the returns and thus one can expect effective SEO plans to come sooner for good results.

Virtual Assistance with SEO Help

For each platform including Cortana, Siri, and Google Assistant, virtual assistants have been launched and one can easily expect a personalized response for each query through voice medium. Smartphones will play an important role in this blend, wherein virtual assistants could draw ideal answers to the questions with the aid of advanced SEO.

Cross Channel Marketing

Multi-channel and cross-channel marketing might sound similar, however in reality, they are extremely different. The former just means creating a presence on more than a single platform, whereas the latter refers to the many channels you use to market your brand in an integrated way. By no means is multi-channel marketing a wonder. On the other hand cross channel marketing can be termed as its extension. This type of marketing aims in creating a reliable brand presence across several channels that lets users move flawlessly between platforms and devices for making a purchase.

Enhanced growth of Mobile

Over the past few years SEO has been reshaped due to tremendous mobile accessibility. The searches on mobile have been growing at a swift pace and aren’t depicting any signs of slowing down in future. The traffic on desktops has been slowing down and now moving towards mobile devices, and even the studies show that several websites are already getting most of their traffic from mobiles.

Voice Search – The Next Big Thing

For any SEO Company in Mumbai, voice search is the big thing. For a few years now, the tech industry has witnessed voice search being an ongoing project. Today, it has become one of the quickest growing search options; so, a trend to been seen in 2017.
No doubt, 2017 has turned out to be a big year for SEO strategies, and with users increasingly getting connected with the content they follow or use, it’s important for SEO companies to take these upcoming trends into account.

What are YouTube Bumper ads and how to use them?

In today’s digital marketing era, video consumption is constantly evolving and YouTube is watching it cautiously. With the trend now shifting more towards viewing mobile videos, YouTube recently came up with their mobile friendly ‘Bumper Ads’ as well as updates to the YouTube mobile app home page. These new bumper ads are nothing but video formats running for six seconds available through YouTube and sold on a CPM basis. The ads are quite short and cannot be skipped and are primarily aimed towards enhancing the frequency and incremental reach. These ads have now become a part of the marketing services provided by the online marketing agency in Mumbai.

Google opine that this format is perfect in a mobile environment wherein users these days look for content in a short form. However, there are certain things to consider when it comes to the video formats of these sizes.

The Target Audience: Demographics do affect the behaviour of video viewing. A recent survey stated that, 10 seconds was believed to be the perfect mobile ad length for Millennials, whereas people aged 35 to 55 years favoured length spots for 30 seconds. These snippet ads would be worth testing as these would work just fine for a younger audience.

Brand Favourable: According to research, short video formats are good for bigger and well established brands, where messaging can be more restricted. These ads are much better for smaller businesses and they should look to run them along with other types of digital advertising for additional support like longer pre-roll video ads.

Ad Setting: On native advertising platforms, where tips, storytelling and building an emotional connect with your customers is a vital part and aim of the content, longer videos are known to be quite effective. Brands need to remember this and stay away from re-purposing the Bumper video content on native advertising channels.

Integration: Similar to any digital channel, an integrated strategy on several channels is the key factor. Testing these short videos along with other channels and formats for intent, thought and awareness will be very important.

For any SEO company in Mumbai and for various digital marketers and brands, it’s imperative to create an engaging mobile experience. Today, where technology has overpowered the other aspects of life including video viewing habits, a recent study suggests that 90% of people use a smart-phone or tablet while viewing TV. The same study also stated that out of that roughly 50% of users opined that they preferred their mobile devices primarily for watching an online video.  These behavioral changes of internet users needs to be considered by YouTube and other brands as they need to accommodate these changes quickly. On the other hand brands need to assimilate a video strategy in their marketing plans. Important considerations would involve knowing the customer’s unique requirements, engaging content, creative length, etc.

How to raise your organic CTR?

When there are lot of factors affecting your position on search engine, you need to be quite selective about the ones you’ll work on to change the situation. Some questions will trouble you; such as whether you must target your keywords better? Or do you need to work on your back link strategy? Well, it’s the Organic Click-through rate (CTR) out of several items that search engine consider as signs of quality and relevance, one that’s frequently overlooked.

Organic CTR

Organic CTR (click-through rate) refers to clicks to your website through the snippet links found in the organic search results. Here ‘organic’ refers to the search results selected by the search engines based on how good your content matches with the user’s question, in comparison to the paid ads displayed in the same location. The chances of your content appearing higher in the SERPs (search engine research pages) increases, the better the SEO works over it. The content will definitely get more clicks if it appears higher. And, the number of clicks received by your content against the number of times it gets displayed is what’s referred to as the organic CTR.

So, does your search engine rank get affected by the organic CTR? Of course, it does. Search engines including Google view organic CTR as a vital signal of both quality and popularity. According to the experts CTR and ranking are inter-reliant variables, and when you improve CTR, your ranking should improve too.


Tips to improve organic CTR

Include exciting Meta descriptions: The Meta description is the title ad appearing under your page URL and title on the SERP. This is primarily the convincer, the description and words that convince searchers that your page is worth a click. Experts from any reputed SEO company in Mumbai can tell you that a nicely written Meta description both reassures the individual searching that he/she has found content that matches the question and that the content on the page would be worth his/her time.

Make use of emotional headlines: Emotionally written headlines are the way to go as they help you grab readers and drag them into your content. The better your headline, the better the chance people will click on your link. Ensure to pick one emotion and stay with it. Generally, weak headlines without any emotion kill organic CTR, whilst strong headlines colored with lively emotions engage and encourage clicks.

Get Dreadful URLs fixed: Dreadful or Ugly URLs frequently dominate automatic URL creation software that smacks a numerical moniker onto your page. Rather than accepting whatever your program picks as the default URL, alter it so that it boosts your organic CTR. Any leading online marketing agency in Mumbai who is well verses in improving organic CTR will support this step as doing this creates a more attractive URL for individuals scanning the SERPs. It’s also important to keep a simple domain name structure, having a common title and/or navigation elements inside that make sense to both search engines and visitors visiting your site.

Organic CTR is a vital aspect of SEO, and one can certainly boost his/her page’s rank and results by improving it.

Why often the Landing Pages don’t convert into Potential Customers?

A landing page of any website is typically the initial glance potential customers will see regarding your business. In simple terms, a landing page of your website acts as an invitation to the virtual world. However, more than that it must have something of interest for the visitors to go ahead and seek more information. Poorly designed landing pages and poor link building are frequently the primary cause of traffic not converting. It’s not wise to think that just because your website is not generating any money, all the hard work that you’ve put in has been for nothing. If you think that the problem is with your landing page, then you will need to identify the reasons for the landing page not converting into potential customers. Once you do this then it becomes easy to recognise the issues surrounding your lack of conversions enabling you to improve on those, so that you get more traffic.

For any SEO or web design company in Mumbai the content on its landing page is one of the most vital things when it comes to drawing conversions. Below are a few ways to enhance your landing page to help turn users into potential clients.

Benefits are important not Features

Benefits are more vital than the features as they tell your audience what your product or service can do for them. On the other hand, features give more of informational knowledge, telling your audience what your product is about. You’d want to induce users to buy your product or service by showing them the benefits they will have from it. Though, one cannot deny the importance of features, you must initially focus on the benefits then back them up with features.

Give Something Additional

Studies have confirmed that people always like getting something additional for free rather than getting it even at a lower cost. For instance, you can offer some additional benefits rather than lowering the price. When the question is about your landing page, it’s better to explain precisely what the numbers mean and show them how they will influence the final price.
Simplicity is the Best way to go

When it comes to writing text, one of the biggest mistakes one can make is to use excessive words that might sound impressive but eventually don’t do anything to influence the user. Good text depends heavily on good messaging and it’s always about the quality of the content rather than the quantity. You’d want to have clear and to the point text to convert your visitors.

Overall Site Design

It’s better for any SEO company in Mumbai not to cram every available space on your website with flash graphics ads and other irrelevant information. This is because it’s both confusing and a distraction and a big cause of losing conversions. So, try to keep your site design and landing pages clean and uncluttered, particularly when you want a specific call to action.

One cannot deny the fact that enhancing your landing pages will help your SEO campaign and enhance your site rankings which will eventually enhance your business.